Kris gets the heebie- jeebies, Trump invents a new number, and Quebec has problems with "fringlish" rappers.

How does one not go crazy being housebound? Hell if we know.

Travel back to the time of neon, big hair, mix tapes, boomboxes, and bad fashion.

A million things to panic about. Which one will you panic about most?

Kids, weird news, stupid inventions, and story time with Kris.

Analog trolling, Kris gets her first official dick pic, Malcolm X, Vampires, and... idiomatic expressions? Wha????

Claims of being environmentally friendly, or sustainable by businesses are usually not as they seem. Kris did some research to show how the dollar, not the environment, is usually the driving force behind these claims. Also, burger scented candles, and KFC Crocs? WTH?

Talking about Netflix shows, stupid headlines, and our insanely busy week.

Kris has PC problems. Joe rambles on for a bit. A woman finds drugs *somewhere". And a parrot goes on vacation.

Women's makeup tutorials online. Do they send the wrong message? What has Kris learned since she was in her late teens about looks and loving yourself.

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